By : Alpharad

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I hope this little video can convince you that even if I like a game, I can still give it hell. I mean, Luigi is just a reskin of Mario after all. How original?

I'm playing free games.

~Music Used~
Patch 26:
Super Mario World (Overworld):
Loot Box Theme:
Super Mario World (Brawl):
Super Mario 3D Land (Beach Theme):
LoZ Medley:
L A S T R E S O R T:
Game Selection:
Main Title (Banjo):
Pleasure Castle:
Rainbow Road (Brawl):
Riders of the Light:
Attack on Titan Theme (Instrumental):
Don't Lose Your Way (Instrumental):
3D Hot Rally:
Fly in the Freedom (Again, I know):
Frosty Village:
Mii Plaza (Smash 4):
Morning After:
Shine Get (Outro):
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