How to LEARN FASTER | 5 Easy Steps To Quicker Learning

By : Rafael Eliassen

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How to Learn Faster - Quicker Learning in 5 easy steps.
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How can you learn faster, what are the best tips for quicker learning?
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Learning faster is mostly about the mindset. When you want to learn faster it means how you can learn more in the same amount of time or less. Here are my top tips from Fortune 500 CEOs and Personal Development Experts that increase your learning rate the best:

1. Do more. Simple, yet effective. The reason Fortune 500 CEOs get so much more done than the rest of us is not because they have more time or because they can use their time more efficiently. We always get stuck in the belief that they must know the secret or they must have broken the system in some way they won’t share with the rest of the world.

But they don’t. No matter how much you twist and turn it, they also only have 24 hours in a day, just like we do. The only difference is that they use their 24 hours better than we do! Instead of watching TV, sitting around, and playing video games, they actually work and study. Most of them are so busy that they have to run everywhere they go.

And while we think that is one of the worst lives ever, think about what it would mean to you if you could run from one amazing event to the next?

So… How do you learn more? You do more! Sacrifice some of your other activities and spend more time every day learning. In doing so you will learn faster than all your peers and, depending on how many hours a day you learn, even learn faster than others think is humanly possible.

2. Stay fit. Look at successful people everywhere: How many of them are overweight? And how many of them are muscular or are fit? Have you ever asked yourself why they stay so fit?

To produce more in any regard you have to treat your body right. This goes for anything from producing more products, to being able to train more and also, to learning faster.

Think about it this way: Your brain uses 20% of all nutrients you put in your body and of all of the oxygen. Now, what happens when you feed your body with 80% sugars, fats and other unhealthy substances? Your brain will take it all up and, instead of being light and fit, it will be dragged down and will take more time to process.

Vegetables and fruits are great because of the nutrients they have, but also because your body can digest them easily. This makes you feel lighter and more energetic than if you make your body digest a 20oz steak…

So ask yourself this: Is it really worth eating those fat, heavy foods right now at the cost of your productivity?

3. Take shorter breaks. Why do you need an hour for lunch? Why do you need a 20-minute break after finishing a big project? Honestly, no matter how long the break is going to be, it will never be enough. Just like with chocolate, one piece is never enough and you only realize you had enough when you feel sick from eating too much.

The same goes for the breaks you take. A 5-minute break is never enough, but when you take an hour long break you feel angry that you didn’t do anything yet, which in turn makes you feel so bad you want to entertain yourself again. And just like that you go into a procrastination loop.

Instead of all these long breaks try this: Whenever you feel exhausted set a timer for 60 seconds, lean back in your chair and close your eyes. Relax as much as you can, and as soon as the timer is up, go back to work.

Taking breaks is not wrong, but be smarter about it! Taking shorter breaks on a more frequent basis allows you to have more time to study and learn.

4. Grab yourself a Mentor. Why do you insist on trying to understand how things work on your own, with no knowledge, when there are experts on every possible subjects all over the world?

In older times the elderly were wise shamans, or the leaders of the group. Why? Because they had the most knowledge about the world!

Find someone you look up to and message them. Ask them for help! Every Professional Athlete has multiple coaches, every sales team has multiple coaches and every super successful CEO will have had people that helped them along the way. Even some presidents were coached by others during their term!

All of that by mentors, coaches or other experts that taught them. Find someone that already knows how it’s done and learn from them.

5. Use your Emotions to your advantage. When you look in the lives of actors, singers, and top CEOs you will see that they all had a vision. Most of them started from nothing and built their own fortune. How were they able to learn everything they needed to so fast?

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