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Ever imagined what would your phone tell you if it had feelings?
Will it love you for taking care of it neatly or will it scold you for using it to much...
No No No... What if it gets it's soul mate :P

When was the last time you cleaned your phone? When was the last time you checked it's charging while you were having food?
Your phone helps you stay connected to people around the globe.
But do you take care of your dear phone in the same way? The answer generally is no...
We all have nick names, but what will our phone call us.. Interesting Right.. ?
To know more such crazy stuff - Do not miss watching Phone ki Feeling Unte by Trishool

Phone Ki Feelings Unte Hilarious Comedy / Funny Video Fun Bucket Fame Trishool.

Phone Voice : Deek Sunny, Naga Bhargavi
Editing : Shashi Preetham
Dop : Mallesh
Asst.Director : Srinivas
Title Animation : Sai Kishore
Written & Directed by : Trishool Jeethuri

Cast : Trishool Jeethuri, Gowtami Chitra, Satti, Srinivas

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