How to Stop Overthinking Everything | The QUICKEST Way!

By : Rafael Eliassen

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How to stop overthinking? This is the best way to not overthink so much.
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How to Stop Overthinking Everything

Remember that day when you didn’t have a single thought?
Yeah, neither does anyone else. We are perpetual thinkers. It’s a non-stop habit!

You generate about 70.000 thoughts per day.

What are these thoughts all about? Are they helping you live the life you want to live?Or are they making you feel less about yourself and others?

Today we find out how you can stop overthinking – and finally get your mind on your side.

FIRST. It begins with awareness, you must actually become aware of what is going on inside your head. And that sounds simple enough, but many of us never even realise that there’s some negative stuff happening up there, and instead we choose to act like everything is Ok.

Are you overthinking, are you think negatively? WELL ADMIT IT.
Because otherwise you won’t change a thing… But when you actually make it clear to yourself that you don’t like what’s going on, and you begin to be aware of it, now you can start to make a real change.

You can keep a thought journal, writing down your thoughts as they come up, at least the more noticeable ones. Even if they’re negative, it’ll help you to start to get an overview of what’s happening in your mind, and after this it’ll be much easier to make the changes you want to make, because you’ll know what’s going on.

SECOND. Use meditation. Yes, USE IT. Not ‘meditate because it’s good for you and you should’ – meditate because it’ll actually help you get what you want. When you train your mind with a simple technique like focusing on your breathing for 10 mins per day, and pulling it back every time it gets distracted, you gain power over it.

Understand that if you do not train your mind, it is guaranteed to run wild on you, like a crazy chimp it’ll mess up your state of mind and in the end even your life. So control it. Use meditation, because it works.

Do not be discouraged if you cannot stay focused in the beginning, simply stay disciplined and continue to practice. This is one of the very best and most effective ways to beat overthinking, and it will absolutely work for you.

Another way that you can train your mind quickly is by really focusing on the daily tasks that you are doing, being fully present and aware as you are doing them, and not get caught up by the noise in your head. When you’re walking outside, breathe the air and pay attention to your environment.
Don’t let yourself walk around unconsciously and stuck in your own head.

Even if you’re doing something as simple as watching a video, actually watch the video, and tune out the noise going on upstairs in the mind. We get so used to our daily activities after a while that you may notice you’re thinking constantly, even if you used to do it with some intense presence and focus in the past. This effect really kicks in once we’ve been doing something for a few years.

THIRD. Separate yourself from your thoughts. This goes hand in hand with training your mind.
The only time our thoughts can do us real harm is when we identify with them, when we begin to think that we are our thoughts. That voice in your head is exactly that, a voice. You can control it, you can shape it, and when you begin to understand this you gain massive power over it.

You can use your thinking to help you be productive, but if you let it run on autopilot it is likely that your life won’t turn out to be the way you wanted. So it’s important to always steer your thoughts in the right direction.

One technique that has served me extremely well over the years is that anytime I became aware of a negative thought, I would redirect it by saying “how can I change this into something that helps me?”

This one simple change done on a daily basis has led me to place of close to no negative thoughts, and I came from a place of depression and anxiety.

Remember that overthinking, especially if it’s negative, is actually a bad habit, so by implementing these three keys that we’ve just gone over, you’ll be able to become aware of your thoughts, begin to control them and also separate yourself from the non-stop stream that goes through your head.

Leave a comment down below, what have you been overthinking about?
I’d love to hear from you, and I always reply.

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