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Ling and Amber’s Korea Attack
- Tour Myeong-dong Like a Pro! –

Must Visit Places in Korea! “Nei hou!” “Ni Hao!”
Avid travelers Ling from Hong Kong and Amber from Taiwan are here to introduce their most favorite spots in Seoul.

“Ling & Amber’s Korea Attack” shows their experiences of visiting all corners of Seoul

The second place they “attack” is the international shopping haven, Myeong-dong, one of the most popular places among both domestic and international tourists.
Travelers from all parts of the world can be seen here enjoying delicious treats and great bargains.

The two very cheery and energetic girls we saw in Hongdae, look so much calmer and lady-like today in their hanbok, traditional Korean clothing. Dressed like princesses of Joseon, Ling and Amber begin they journey in Gyeongbokgung, the palace of the Joseon Dynasty. The beautiful colors and lines of their hanbok have certainly caught the eyes of other tourists.

Now in Myeong-dong, Ling and Amber are back to their cheery and energetic selves again. They start by exploring the tasty and endless street foods including tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) and gyeranppang (egg buns).
From princesses of Joseon to gourmands, join Ling and Amber’s attack of Myeong-dong!
After a long and very filling food tour, the girls finally turn their eyes to the world-famous Korean cosmetics shops. They visit all the shops, try various products and even get free goodies!
Ling and Amber have tips on the best ways to enjoy Myeong-dong!
Find out where the two go to take pictures with world-famous celebrities, and who’s the Korean star that stole Ling’s and Amber’s hearts?
The last stop on Ling and Amber’s “Tour Myeong-dong Like a Pro” is Gwangjang Market.
The Gwangjang traditional market has been popular among locals for quite some time, and recently it has become a must-visit place among international tourists as well. Watch the video to see the Korean food that Ling and Amber tried for the first time.

Attack the streets of Myeong-dong with Ling from Hong Kong and Amber from Taiwan,
and make your trip to Korea the best trip ever!
Come join us! “Ling and Amber’s Korea Attack” is about to begin.

Enjoy the clip and Like us! Thank you. 

**Ling and Amber’s Korea Attack series**
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