How To Handle Toxic People

By : Charisma on Command

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How to Handle Toxic People

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Hey, guys! Here's another video for you on how to handle toxic people from friends to family members and just shut down that negative behavior. There's times when it feels like all the charisma in the world just won't stop one person from ruining your day. Now, maybe this person is a complainer, maybe they are a whiner, or maybe there's someone who is verbally abusive to you but whatever it is, they have this toxic pattern of behavior and it's really starting to bring you down.

That's why in this video, I want to talk about how to handle difficult toxic people in a way that is charismatic. You need to separate from a toxic person because what's keeping you close to them is not something that ought to. When I've talked to people and they have left, no one has ever regretted it; you would be shocked how much you can be dragged down by a negative person in the workplace.

3:21 Think concretely what you want a toxic person to change
1:25 Find the timing to approach a toxic person
1:53 Give them a sense that you're approaching them differently this time
4:47 Ask permission to remind them gently if they do the negative behavior again

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