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We all have encountered a Gujarati Rickshawala in our lives. This video takes you on a fun roller coaster ride of Rickshawalas and various incidents that can possibly happen with them... Based on True Stories... Not Exactly.

Special Thanks to all the Rickshawalas of Gujarat !!!

Cast : Manan Desai, Deep Vaidya, Naseer Shaikh, Chirayu Mistry, Aariz Saiyed, DJ Adee, Laksh Nayak, Akshat Jain, Arpita Manek, Dhruval Parekh.

Written by Chirayu Mistry, Akshat Jain and Arpita Manek.

Cinematographer : Aariz Saiyed
Rickshaman and Bahubali scene : Hetan Shah

Edited by : Aariz Saiyed and Naseer Shaikh
VFX by : Naseer Shaikh

Background Score & Packaging : Aariz Saiyed

Production Team : Arpita Manek, Laksh Nayak & Harsh Patel

Additional Inputs : Manan Desai

Produced by: Vidya Desai

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