DeNiro Just Got Unexpected Surprise From Hollywood After Ripping Into Trump – Enjoy Your New Home!


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Rober De Niro got a standing ovation from people at the Tony Awards after he vigilantly stated ‘f-ck Trump’ but that’s not the only response he got from big Hollywood! De Niro received an unexpected surprise from another part of Hollywood as famed actor and singer, Robert Davi, lashed back at De Niro for his disgusting display of causing separation among people and dividing the country while abusing his platform as an actor.

De Niro has been blazing saddles on his warpath against President Donald Trump and he’s received a little bit of support from some of his fellow Hollywood actors, but they are probably the same people who didn’t condemn Harvey Weinstein for his sexually charged crimes. It appears as though Hollywood is confused as some of the actors abuse their platform to use it for pushing their political agenda, but the problem with that is this – the actors who are bent on stepping into politics are those whose career likely ended years ago.

TMZ talked about Robert Davi’s response to Robert De Niro:
“Robert De Niro needs to learn some R-E-S-P-E-C-T when it comes to talking about President Trump … according to another actor who’s outraged by De Niro’s “F**k Trump” comments at the Tony Awards.

We got actor and singer Robert Davi Monday at LAX, and asked him about De Niro’s simple, yet fiery speech … which got a rousing ovation from the — clearly partial — crowd.

Davi strongly disagrees with what De Niro did … saying, “I respect you as an actor, but it was disgusting what you did, and everyone who stood up.”
Davi, who’s been a vocal backer of Trump, says it doesn’t matter who’s in the White House — it’s just wrong to speak about a Prez that way. For example, he told us how he handled a meeting with former President Obama, whom he did not support politically.

He also spoke about uniting people and not dividing them. Good advice for everyone … including the President?”

De Niro is 74-years-old and still finding work in Hollywood. It’s very respectable to be working at his age, especially in a career which calls for extremely long days of being on the set. While that’s commendable and people who work at that age should be recognized for their path of life, it’s also the same path that De Niro is using to abuse his platform by turning his acting career into his personal canvas for political activity.

It’s that very behavior that has caused Hollywood award shows to continuously suffer low ratings over the last few years as people simply don’t want their entertainment tainted by political opinions. People simply want to be entertained and use movies, music, and books as their escape from reality and their everyday life. People just want to watch a good movie and support their favorite actors, but they don’t necessarily want their political views mixed in with that.

Robert De Niro’s new home might have to be locked up in a retirement home where they seldom mistreat people (which is a horrible crime, by the way). Maybe De Niro needs to step back from his angry agenda and realize that he’s getting up there in age. Maybe he can go relax in a retirement home on a fancy island paid for by all of the money he made when he wasn’t so distraught by politics.

He still has a lot of great movies out there, but he’s becoming a character that many people are simply not into anymore.

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