Living Paper - Blender Animation by Julius Burton

By : Julius Burton

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Living Paper - Blender Animation by Julius Burton

This is a film that I made for the "Bryanston School Film Competition" it took over 40 man hours for me alone to create and about 60 hours to render the animations, I think that it all paid off in the end. Hope you enjoy!!! :)

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It is an animation about a boy who discovers that whatever he draws comes to life.

I made this film using Final Cut Pro for the edit, Blender 2.65.0 for the animations, and Sketch Book Express for some of the textures.

This short film was shot entirely on the Canon 550d using an 18-55mm lens. For first and last shot I used a camera dolly (tripod on a track) to get a very smooth motion, for the rest of the shots I used a tripod.

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