The Triple D Movie (Full Length)

By : Don Chief

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Directed by Juan Salas
Executive Producer: Mista E Music / Polar Bear Films / Terrence McGee

Written by: Mista E

Screenplay: Daniel Tuttel

Lines. Will. Cross. Polar Bear Films in association with Mista E Music PRESENTS … "The Triple D" .
As the 1st Independent film from Director Juan Salas, this urban drama explores the lives of 3 young & ambitious men manuevering the streets of Dallas in an attempt to obtain three common goals : MONEY, POWER & RESPECT ! In this urban saga of struggle & morals we follow each one of these men on their paths to the finish line ultimately making decisions that will change their lives forever.

STARRING: Don Chief, Mr. Lucci, T Cash, Pooca Leroy, Lil Man

CAST: Chase Pat, A Bay Bay, Dorrough Music, Dj Dip, Yusef Abdur-Razzaaq, Drenna Lynn, Mista E, Sno, Tum Tum, & Fat Pimp

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