COST of LGs new Roll-Up 4K OLED TV. Price & the Technology behind it.

By : bigdog8882

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LG unveiled a 65" 4K OLED rollable TV last year at the 2018 CES show. This year at CES 2019 they confirmed that the tv will go on sale by the end of the Year. The tv actually rolls up from a box then rolls back down into the box like a paper towel. This new technology is possible by using a flexible display screen (Oled substrate) and a rollable clear substrate that sandwiches the actual oled tv's screen.
In this Video I will not only predict the Price point and cost of LG's new roll up 65 inch 4K oled tv, but will also show you the technical evolution of how we became to OLED displays that are flexible.
In the video I predicted an estimated cost for this 65 inch signature R (rollable) OLED 4k tv. But in all actuality, I think the cost of this television is going to be priced at close to $8,000 more. The estimated cost in the video is just a suggested price that I think they will eventually get to within the next 2-5 years if this 4k roll up television is a success.

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