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We are presenting you this Baby Video Games HD/16:9 Babysitting Compilation with the cutest Online Baby Games and not only for babies but for little kids too! The first gameplay of this compilation for children is showing you one of the most played games in the cyber world which is Baby Fun Bathing and the amazingly cute Baby Lisi. As you all know Baby Lisi is a demanding little girl that needs to be fed and entertained all the time however this full episode also includes bathing Baby Lisi with different showering gels and also includes drying her and dressing her with lovely clothes. You can see that the player is doing everything so he can keep happy Baby Lisi. This walkthrough continues with Baby in Theme Park and trust me that this baby is having a blast because she is visiting every possible toy in the park, but she is also eating whatever she likes! That is mommy's and daddy's reward for being such a good girl. But every kid likes to go on vacation right? Well kiddos, this full movie of Baby Fun Picnic proves that same thing and this time you have the chance to see what Baby Ted is doing on his vacation. First the player helps him pack the required items for the vacation and then the fun begins! Although that happiness is nothing compared to the happiness of the Newborn Brother Baby Lisi has! Celebrate the joy of Baby Lisi and her family while you are watching this full episode in English for children and babies and have fun as always!

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